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GEN-Y Torsion-Flex Hitches-THE BOSS


GEN-Y’s Boss Adjustable Drop Hitches start at 10,000 LB towing capacity and go up to 32,000 LB towing capacity. The Torsion-Flex Drop Hitch is the best hitch for ultimate control and safety while towing any bumper style trailer on the market including pintle style couplings.

  • Protects Cargo from Harsh Bumps
  • Increases fuel economy
  • Up to 90% smoother ride than traditional hard connections
  • Reduce tire wear on your truck and trailer
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Guaranteed most versatile on the market (most connections + highest towing capacity)

Each of these adjustable drop hitches comes with a 5-year warranty, with an optional lifetime warranty available for purchase.

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The Boss (Torsion-Flex)


Rebel Lightweight Drop Hitches